Digit Recognition App

Introduction The Digit Recognition App shows the use of a convolutional neural network model that it was built and trained with Keras on top of Tensorflow. I trained the model on the MNIST dataset in order to create an app that can recognize handwritten digits. The model (based on Keras Example) is integrated in iOS Leggi di piùDigit Recognition App[…]

Tyrannus Rom v29.1

TYRANNUS ROM v29.1 ONLINE! CHANGELOG v29.1 -Added Tyrannus Kernel v2.2 as Default Kernel -Added Kernel Adiutor -Removed Synapse Support -Added SuperSU (v2.76) in System-less Mode -Fixed Settings -Added Logo and ROM Info in Settings -Removed 3Minit Battery in TyrannusRom Settings with Stock SystemUI -Various Optimization IF YOU LIKED MY WORK AND YOU WANT TO CONTRIBUTE Leggi di piùTyrannus Rom v29.1[…]

Tyrannus Kernel v2.2

TYRANNUS KERNEL v2.2 ONLINE! CHANGELOG v2.2 -Added Official Support for 920I and 925I Models -Add ROW in I/O Scheduler -Row Tweaking -More Options on TCP Congestion Control -Add Calibrated Power Coefficients -Fixed Wi-Fi Passwords -Fixed Screen Mirroring and more… IF YOU LIKED MY WORK AND YOU WANT TO CONTRIBUTE TO THE DEVELOPMENT, PLEASE CONSIDER MAKING Leggi di piùTyrannus Kernel v2.2[…]


TYRANNUS ROM v28.1 ONLINE! CHANGELOG v28.1 -Added New Note5 Air Command -Added Air Command in Tyrannus Settings -Added NoteUX Keyboard -Updated AdAway (v3.1.2) -Updated 3Minit Battery (v4.1.0) -Fixed Samsung Sans -Fixed NoteUX Wallpaper -Various Optimization MD5 3c081ba1979291b123b771089b62e478 DOWNLOAD v28.1 FLASHABLE ZIP FOR MODEM-BOOTLOADER v7.0 IF YOU LIKED MY WORK AND YOU WANT TO CONTRIBUTE TO Leggi di piùTYRANNUS ROM v28.1[…]